Financial health is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Over the years, you would have experienced the many emotions that money can bring to our lives. When we have a lot of it, we tend to be in great spirits and when there is a lack of it, we are anxious, worried, and stressed.

Our four-step financial wellness course is designed to take employees through a journey of unpacking their own unique goals, understanding the makeup of their income (including employee benefits), and managing their expenses so that they can reach the successful financial health they require aligned to their own personal and unique circumstances. The final step in the course aims to further educate individuals about money and the world of investing in a simpler easier-to-understand way.

Our four-step course can be completed at any time, anywhere. We are also able to offer additional support through a range of webinars, group workshops, and individual coaching. 

Financial education that can be accessed anywhere, any time. 

Each step in this course covers different aspects of your financial health, such as:

Me and my life


Identify personal goals when creating a financial wellness plan.

Making sense of my income

Helping employees improve their understanding of their employee benefits.

Managing my expenses

A series of budgeting tips and tools to manage expenses and reduce debt.

More on money

Simplify money matters and make wiser investment decisions.

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We offer a range of resources (videos, workbooks, reading material, tools, and templates) to help employees on their journey. 

We wish you well on your journey to good financial health!