Holistic financial wellness solutions that takes the stress out of your finances.

Our financial wellness solutions offer a combination of online, group engagement, and individual coaching to help your employees improve their financial health. It is created to improve the financial wellness of all individuals, young and experienced, by raising awareness of key financial concepts, fundamentals, and personal financial strengths.

Four-steps to financial wellness





Our step-by-step process makes it easy to identify financial gaps, plan for financial goals, and keep track of progress.

We understand that the world of finances can seem daunting. Using our four-step financial wellness course, employees can learn to manage their finances better and over the long-term achieve positive financial outcomes. Our online approach allows individuals to access the content at any time and progress at their own pace.

Two sides to money

Money has two sides. There is the investment or technical side (Money IQ). But the other side that most don’t think about, is the emotional aspect that it has (Money EQ). Our financial wellness solutions bring both sides together in a unique, holistic, and simple manner.

Our relationship with money

Our attitude and behavior around money stem from our childhood experiences and our first memory of money. Our parents’ attitude towards money had a profound effect on how we manage our money as adults and how we raise our children to deal with money. This vicious cycle can move from generation to generation. In, South Africa, evidence of this is shown by our poor savings culture.  We believe that this can be changed by instilling a healthy belief system around money.

Money Equals Options

Money provides us with options. Not only for ourselves but for those we love and care about too. With a surplus of funds, our lifestyles can improve and we are better able to serve and give to those less fortunate.

Knowledge is power

Regardless of the amount of money you earn or have, managing it wisely can only be achieved with proper knowledge, skills, and actions. These can be learnt by anyone irrespective of our backgrounds, upbringing, education, and economic status. There is a myriad of tools, support, and assistance available to help you on your journey to becoming financially well.

Not sure where to start?

Four-steps to financial wellness

Looking for the full package? This course helps the working adult to attain financial wellness by making wise, data-driven decisions that create a financially sound future. It is a comprehensive package that has all you need to be well on your way to financial wellness.

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Money Messages for Others

Looking for something specific? We have a range of courses for everyone in the household.

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With the help of our financial education and wellness solutions, we can help employees shift the way they think, feel and behave with money.

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