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No two people are the same. We all grew up with different family dynamics and circumstances. Some families are wealthy, whilst some are not. Some may have had access to good quality education whilst others may have only had access to basic education. Even the personalities within our family units are different. This explains how two children from the same family can end up with very diverse personalities and behaviors.  We are unique in our own rights, have different mindsets, experiences and goals, and dreams.

This means that our financial wellness plan must be aligned to our own unique personal goals and circumstances and prioritised accordingly. This first step in this course helps you to identify those things that matter to you.


  • Download the workbook, print or save it on your PC. This can be located in the lesson resources section in the LIFE STAGE PLANNING Lesson.
  • Use the workbook to guide you through this section and complete the exercises.
  • Read through the compulsory lessons. Even though some of these may not be relevant to you right now, they need to be considered in your financial wellness plan.
  • Next, identify the remaining lessons that are relevant to you and your life circumstances.
  • Those that are not relevant may be accessed at a later stage as your life circumstances change provided your subscription is still valid.