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Now that you have an idea of some of the important aspects to include in your financial wellness plan, the next step is to identify your income. Making sense of your income helps you to obtain a better understanding of the structure of your income and employee benefits.

Why is this important? Well you may be receiving a few benefits from your employer that forms an integral part of your financial wellness. Fully understanding these, is a huge advantage and will help you to identify potential gaps, avoid duplicating benefits, or spend money unnecessarily on financial goals that may not be aligned to your financial wellness plan.


  • Download the Workbook in this section. Save it to your PC or print it out.
  • Complete the exercises.
  • You will need a copy of your payslip, pension, and or provident fund statements, medical aid details, group life benefits, and employment contract.
  • If there are any questions you are unable to answer in the workbook, please consult your Line Manager, HR or Payroll Administrator.