Learn something new about money

While studying part-time and working full-time towards my undergraduate degree, managing my time, and finding balance was quite challenging. I did not have the drive, desire, or determination to learn anything outside the scope of my degree. In hindsight, this was one of the biggest lessons I would understand. One of the principles I live by today is that if something is important enough, you will make the time. A few years ago, I embarked on a journey to improve the quality of my life. I started focusing on my holistic well-being and decided to make some fundamental changes to improve [...]

Identifying your money mistakes

Many of us had to learn about managing money through trial and error, by making mistakes and hopefully using that knowledge to avoid making them again. Money mistakes can be costly and can be avoided when you have access to the skills, knowledge, and tools required to make wise decisions. Financial education is not taught in schools and most parents are not equipped to be offering their children empowering conversations about money. In addition, many are instilling limiting and negative beliefs about money unintentionally and unknowingly. Ideally, prevention is better than cure and a proactive approach is better than a reactive [...]

The journey of Jean Archary

Jean Archary is a mother, author, teacher, and master motivator. She’s created an enterprise in helping others find peace of mind and comfort around a sometimes-intimidating topic: Money. Using her Education in child psychology along with her personal experiences, Jean is now a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Workplace Coach in South Africa. A teacher of financial literacy, she is vital in helping her clients manage the emotions associated with personal finance. She even wrote a book about it. Mrs. Spiggles, a flying piggy bank, was authored to share important money messages with children, regardless of their financial upbringing and [...]

Want to pay less tax?

The dreaded T word… let's face it…no one likes to pay tax. It's almost like a grudge purchase except you did not agree to buy anything. But it is a necessary contribution that if spent correctly would go a long way in benefiting, uplifting, and improving the overall well-being of our economy. As taxpayers we have no choice but to pay taxes whether we like it or not…but how much tax we need to pay is something we can control and reduce and that is where tax planning comes in. In a nutshell, tax planning allows taxpayers to utilise tax benefits, [...]

XY Adviser podcast

Jean is the Founder and a Financial Wellness Coach at Money Messages. She joins Louis to discuss the importance of financial education, and empowering people by shifting the way they act, think and feel about money. http://

Why you need to pay less fees

The fees we pay for services, investments, loans, and products need to be understood prior to entering any agreements or purchases. Often people overlook this because they are more concerned with accessing the service or under pressure to make the purchase or simply not bothered to understand the terms and conditions. I am guilty of this too. I remember when I purchased my first car (more than 2 decades ago), I was thrilled at the idea of being able to buy my first car. I went to the dealership on my own and mentioned I was in the market to buy [...]

5 Steps to Badass Your Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is critical for everyone. If we are not financially well it will have a bearing on other facets of our life like health, business, mental wellness. Mindset and massive persistent action will be critical to shifting us, especially during these challenging times. If there’s anything that COVID taught us is that we need to take the lessons from COVID and apply them to what’s coming in the future. As an example, if people had seen COVID coming, we would have done things a lot different in our personal lives, and our business lives, to be better prepared for something [...]

Q and A with Jean Archary (Women in Business)

We offer a range of financial education and wellness solutions for individuals, employees, and their families that are affordable, and suitable for various learning preferences. This includes online courses for working adults, children, teenagers, and even domestic staff. Our solutions consider both the technical aspects and skills required to manage money, as well as our emotional relationship to it. Both play a role in how we attract wealth and achieve financial wellness.   #WIB - Q&A With Jean Archary Founder Of Money Messages - Women On Top


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