Make more money

If you want to be wealthy, make more money. If you feel like you are not making ends meet, make more money. If you desire a lifestyle of comfort and financial freedom, make more money.  It’s that simple. Yet this simple strategy is not easy for everyone to apply. In this month’s blog, we share some ideas on how you can make more money.

Have you ever wondered why this strategy is easy for some and not for others? It all boils down to this….mindset. When you have a wealth mindset you are trained to see opportunities instead of problems, you look for solutions to problems and you consider ways in which to monetise those solutions.

Another expression that illustrates this thinking is “What we give our attention to grows” – Kenneth H Blanchard. When we focus on negativity, we attract more negativity into our lives. When you go through a tough time and you feel sad and miserable, what are some of the things you do to get out of that negative space?  Do you listen to sad music when you are down? Does that make you feel sadder or happier?

Yet if you look for the positives, you will slowly start to feel better. The same applies to having a wealth mindset vs a poverty mindset. When you have a wealth mindset, you focus on the positives. Even when you are faced with a problem, challenge, or negative situation, you will look for the positives in the experience, the solutions, or the opportunity. We know it is not always easy to apply in practice, but hindsight is a beautiful gift we can use to our advantage in the future.

Looking back when we had to deal with lockdown, we know several businesses suffered as a result. But many also adapted, some survived, and some even thrived. If you viewed lockdown as a problem, chances are that you struggled to come to terms with this for a long time. But if you viewed this as an opportunity, you would have used lockdown to your advantage. One of the contributing factors why many stay unemployed is because they rely on others to employ them to earn a salary. Yet there are several opportunities available to rely on themselves to generate an income. We know this is not easy to apply in practice for everyone, but if more of us started to think about life this way, then we will shift away from a victim mentality to one of a victor.

Here are some options to consider to make more money:

  • Start a side hustle – this could be buying and selling products or a service that people require or need in your community, family, or friends circle
  • Learn a new skill, take a course, read a book, or improve your qualifications
  • Improve on a skill that will help you to elevate your career
  • Update your CV and apply for higher positions
  • Networking helps you to align yourself with like-minded people
  • Learn to invest in shares, property, or businesses
  • Look for legitimate ways to create passive or multiple income streams

There are many opportunities available to make more money if you are open to the idea. If you really wish to improve your financial situation and change your financial outcomes, then you must make the effort to invest your time and available resources into making your desired lifestyle a reality.

What are you going to start doing today to shift the way you think, feel, and behave with money?