You may question why a holistic financial wellness platform is needed. Well, you should know, it is quite common to find that much of our unhappiness stems from our relationship with money. Notice, people’s emotional states when they receive money. Take payday, for example. Most people’s spirits are high, they are in a celebratory mood, out and about and seem to have no care in the world. Fast forward to the third or last week of the month, when money starts to run dry and panic and worry set in. 

This is a typical example of how money affects our emotional states and why we should consider looking at a holistic financial wellness platform. Money is at the centre of everything we do. It dictates the quality of our lifestyles, our experiences, our feeling of self-worth, our productivity levels, relationships and well basically everything in life. 

So, does that mean that the more money one has, the happier one is? There has been much debate around this contentious topic. Those that are not so financially well off tend to justify their financial states by saying that money is not everything. Whilst those that have acquired financial freedom would argue that money does buy happiness. There is a meme that illustrates this that goes something like this, “Money may not buy happiness, but it’s better to cry in a Lamborghini.” I for one would rather cry in a Lamborghini. What would you prefer? 

Why do we need a holistic approach to financial wellness?

Money does not buy happiness directly, but it buys the experiences that make you happy. It provides the certainty in knowing that your expenses are taken care of at month-end. Money determines whether you travel in luxury and safety. It also determines which schools you get to send your children to, which in turn determines the quality of their relationships, networks, and opportunities for their future. Money also provides us with options that can take us out of harmful situations or unhappy homes and marriages. With money, we can extend the quality of our lives that affords us access to expensive private medical care. Money provides us with the peace of mind in knowing that your family is taken care of when you are no longer around to do so, and it also determines whether you get to live a worry-free retirement.

Have I convinced you yet of the value of money? Or were you in the boat that didn’t need convincing? Now that we all are on the same page as to the different ways that money can improve our lives, does this mean that people with less money are less happy? 

The answer to that is an astounding no. Because of our unique personalities, circumstances, goals, and priorities, we each have different definitions and expectations of happiness and what makes us happy. So, if you are someone who loves adventure, you will thrive on experiences related to travel. That travel may not necessarily need to translate into luxury 5-star trips. It could be backpacking and roughing it out with the locals. Alternatively, your happiness is determined by whatever rocks your boat. Or in this case, it is likely to be a yacht.

Why consider a holistic financial wellness platform?

The first thing to ask is what exactly is financial wellness and how do you attain it? Financial wellness is a state of being or level you reach when you know that you are free of worry about money. It is a state that offers you peace of mind in knowing that you will have sufficient money available for any potential scenarios that may occur which could impact your life financially. Furthermore, financial wellness is not a once-off event but an ongoing journey that requires constant evaluation and monitoring.  

Financial wellness can be attained when we are clear on exactly what our financial needs, goals, and priorities are, and we have a plan in place to help us get there. Many working adults are so absorbed with day-to-day life, living paycheck to paycheck that many do not have the time, skills or know how to put a plan in place. Many working adults also feel that they cannot afford, nor may they want to work with a financial advisor or planner. It is for this reason that a holistic financial wellness platform is necessary.

An effective program to help achieve financial wellness also needs to consider not only the plan that addresses our financial needs, goals, and priorities, but also needs to consider our emotional relationship with money and any potential blocks that may prevent us from achieving our desired state. 

Which is where we come in. Money Messages offers an online holistic financial wellness platform of programmes that you can access anywhere, anytime, allowing you to work at your own pace. The platform offers you a range of resources including workbooks, videos and other tools. 

The signature program is based on a four-step process that begins with identifying your personal financial needs and goals. Once you have clarity on this, the next step is to make sense of your income and understand the structure of your employee benefits as this plays a role in identifying potential gaps and ensuring benefits are not duplicated. The third step is to manage your expenses and reduce your debt so that you free up surplus cash to use towards achieving your financial goals. The final step in the process is to invest in your knowledge and to make sure that when you put your plan in place, that you make informed decisions around where your money goes. Throughout the entire program, we address both sides of money which includes the technical aspects of money and your emotional relationship to it, providing you with the best possible chance of succeeding and attaining long-lasting financial wellness. 

The world is changing. Discover your path to financial wellness through our holistic financial wellness platform. Are you interested? If so, contact us today.