I will never forget the day that started this journey. My daughter was about six, and I was doing the afternoon school run. It was extremely hot that day and I suggested we stop to get an ice cream. She wanted an ice cream from a fast food outlet that cost about R5 at the time. However this detour was in the opposite direction of home, so I suggested we get an ice cream from the shops on the way home.

I bought three ice creams that day costing R20 each and when we got home, I mentioned that these ice creams were expensive. Her response was “What do you mean, mommy?”

Now, having worked in financial services, and having delivered financial education talks to adults, I found myself struggling to explain the concept of expensive in a way that would make sense to her.

As with all difficult topics I find myself having to discuss with her, the first thing I do is go to a bookstore to find a storybook that can assist with unpacking the details. To my surprise, I could not find any age appropriate books relating to money. This triggered the idea that it was something we could start together, and this was how Mrs Spiggles was born.

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