Jean Archary is a specialist in the financial services field, a Certified Financial Planning Professional® and a certified workplace coach. Financial education is a topic close to her heart. Jean also holds a BA in Psychology and Communication, and a postgraduate diploma in Advanced Tax.

Jean is also a proud mum to her seven-year-old daughter, Taria. Raised in a single-parent home with three siblings, Jean was forced to learn many money lessons early on in life. This prompted her to start financial discussions with her daughter at a young age too. Even with an extensive background in financial planning, Jean found it challenging to explain financial concepts to her daughter and wondered if other parents were struggling too. And so through their money conversations, the concept of Mrs Spiggles, the flying piggy bank, was brought to life by both mother and daughter.

Mrs Spiggles shares important money messages with children, regardless of their financial upbringing, with the hope that they are better able to manage their finances throughout their life journeys.