We believe financial wellness is a journey. One that we can help you with. Our programmes are designed to help you manage your money and be more in control of your life. Interested in learning more?

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The key to financial freedom does not lie in getting a bigger paycheck, working more hours, or reaching for one more rung on the corporate ladder. The key is effective money management.

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WHO we are

Money messages is a financial wellness company that empowers individuals, employees, and families by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and tools required to manage their money better and make financial decisions that assist them to achieve their desired lifestyle, dreams and aspirations. With the right knowledge, skills, and tools, many mistakes can be avoided. When people recognize that if they had known better, they could have made better choices. Ultimately, Money Messages seeks to help as many individuals, employees, and companies manage money more effectively to achieve ongoing financial wellness.

WHY Money messages

Money, especially the lack of it, leads to stress and anxiety and can affect all facets of our life. Many of our personal, family, social, and work problems can be attributed to the mismanagement of our financial affairs. When equipped with the proper skills, tools, and knowledge we can make better money decisions that are aligned to clearly defined goals, live healthier balanced lifestyles, and are motivated and productive to achieve our dreams, goals, and aspirations. We all play a role in empowering those we care about to achieve financial wellness, for the benefit of those in our employment, their loved ones, our business, our society, and our economy.

Financial Education Programme

Regardless of the amount you earn or have, managing it wisely can only be achieved with proper knowledge, skills and actions. These can be learnt by anyone irrespective of our backgrounds, upbringing, education and economic status. Through our financial education programme, our deepest desire and intention is to empower you on your journey to achieving financial wellness.

Online Learning

A range of learning content from videos, modules, and interactive tools to suit everyone.

Group Engagement

Tailor-made webinars, workshops, talks, and wellness days to suit your organisation.


One-on-one consulting or coaching.


Our mission is to help individuals take back control of their money and become proactive, not reactive, in managing their money. We envision a world where money doesn’t dominate your life. Where your money gets out of the way so you can live the life you want to live, not the life it wants you to live.

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